Mildly Off the Wall

Mildly Off the Wall is an edited, single-camera sketch comedy show based in Lawrence, Kansas. The program aims to provide an outlet for both students at The University of Kansas and members of the Lawrence community to explore their passions for comedy through the arts of television, film, design, writing and acting.

In addition to the creativity of its members, the show relies heavily on the generosity and support of local businesses and student organizations. Completed episodes are distributed through public screenings in the Lawrence area and on multiple online video outlets.

"Part of the appeal of doing it is the idea that there wasn't anything quite like it around here for students," said Scott Winer, the show's creator and Senior Producer. "It's an opportunity where different types of students with all different backgrounds theater, art and design, film, journalism can work together to do one thing. Our one thing is comedy."

Mildly Off the Wall is a presentation of Scott Winer Productions.

Sources: Scott Winer Productions, The University Daily Kansan

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