Mildly Off the Wall
Part 1 "Producer Nazi"
The writers of Mildly Off the Wall have their first encounter with Scott, the senior producer.

Opening Titles
Part 2 "News-Feed News"
What would happen if the Facebook news-feed were its own news broadcast? Jeff Turner and Robin Bell have the answer.
Part 3 "Johnny the Cockblocker: Dog Park"
On a sunny afternoon in the park, Johnny drops in on his friend trying to make a move on a girl and her dog.

"Slapstick Showdown"
Producers Dave Harvey and Heather Hill collide with dodgeballs and glass walls in a contest of comedic commitment.
Part 4 Re-tease

"Awkward One-Stand"
After a night out, Molly brings Kevin home only to find herself in a rather hairy situation.

"Johnny the Cockblocker: Bar"
Steve meets a girl at a bar ready to take the party back to his place when Johnny's mouth changes her mind.
Part 5 "Fun with Nuns"
During recess, one sister shows that nuns are people too.

"'No Guns' Sign"
John decides to vent his frustrations on campus, but when his scheme is foiled, he finds a soulmate instead.

"Grandiose Moments of Grandlioquence"
Senior Producer Scott Winer has a way with words, especially when he's taken out of his comfort zone and placed in front of the camera.
Part 6 "Johnny the Cockblocker: House Party"
When Max picks up two girls at a house party, Johnny delivers the perfect line to ruin his plans.

Credits & Outtakes

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